Childhood Memories and Joy

You can show me all the studies about TV watching you want, but we believe in watching PBS kids shows with our kids. Word World, Super Why, Curious George and Sesame Street are often on in our home as they carry on the tradition of entertaining and educational programming that I enjoyed as a little girl. I learned my letters from the books my mom read to me at our local library and from the puppets on Sesame Street, and Grace learned her letters and that SH makes the Shhhh sound from us reading to her and from watching Word World. We gave up cable years ago, but we’ll be loyal PBS watchers and supporters for life.

Mr. Rogers was my favorite, and a few months ago when PBS Digital Studios released the remix of Mr. Rogers, I watched it over and over. If you’ve somehow missed it, take 3 minutes and enjoy:

As I got older, I loved Bob Ross. My grandmother is a painter and I am an aspiring artist, and I watched in awe as he made it look so easy. Plus he seemed like the sweetest (and most hippy) guy to ever walk the planet. Today I saw that PBS Digital Studios, knowing that our childhoods matter, did another remix to celebrate his show and life.

I had to blog about it. I hope you’ll watch them both. Both of these guys brought joy and creativity in my life, and I thank the Lord for them.


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