I have always kind of laughed at the tendency on the left and the right to boycott organizations that support things we don’t believe in.  Yet I find myself boycotting something right now, simply because the thought of participating in it makes me nauseous.

I will not, by watching, listening to, quoting, or buying tickets, support Charlie Sheen in any way.  He is not, nor has he ever been, funny.  He is not a winner.  And his life is certainly not a laughing matter or a victorious life.

The record on Sheen is clear – court records show he has allegedly threatened to kill five women, has shot at and strangled his girlfriends, and once beat a woman for not having sex with him.  In 1990 he shot his fiance, Kelly Preston, in the arm.  His current wife has a restraining order against him after he was charged with felony malice and third degree assault, and his children have been removed from his home.  None of his three wives and five children have been spared this treatment.

It bothers me when the abuse of women is taken so lightly, and when people laugh at and quote this man (or watch his ridiculous show).  He is an arrogant abuser.  Some may say I am taking this too seriously, but I dare you to read this book and tell me that the abuse of women on any continent at any time is a laughing matter.

This fires me up (in case you can’t tell) and if the Lord allows, I will spend my life fighting the kind of insanity that considers any person less important than another because of their sex or skin color.

(Stepping off Soapbox)

So, seriously, do you think, like me, that participating implies support?  Does it bother you too, especially when it is Christ-followers participating?  Or are they different issues altogether in your opinion?

*By the way – click this link to purchase Half the Sky.  I cannot recommend enough.


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