Do you ever get that nauseous feeling in your stomach when you mentally address different areas of your life, or is it just me?

Maybe I check our accounts…

Or I see a certain person is calling me…

Or I remember a time when I revealed too much of my brokenness…

Or I think about the future…

Or even I see things in the world that I so desperately want to see changed – like the situation in Ethiopia or the hurting of people in Japan.

And I get nauseous.

I have had an ulcer on and off this past couple of years – and when I’m truthful I have to admit that it is of my own making.  I’m allowing myself to live too near the nausea, too much in fear and not enough in faith.

There is real stress in our lives but our God is bigger.  This truth forces me to confess that there is disobedience underlying this physical symptom – both a lack of trust in my Father and a wrestling in my spirit for control of a life that was never under my control.

I read passages of scripture that talk about resting in the shadow of the Lord’s wings or lying in pastures near streams of water and I realize that my nausea is so unnecessary – in fact it is disobedience and a lack of trust that hurts me most of all, and hurts my family in my wake.

I was not intended to carry these burdens.  I nullify the power of the cross in my life when I haul these things on my back.

So today I’m praying for peace in our storm and in my body – for an end to the nausea and a calm assurance of the love and protection of my Father who loves me so much.  I choose to lay these things down at the foot of the cross.  And I’m grateful that He loves me and that He understands my weakness and wants to take these burdens from me.

His yoke is easy and His burden is light.   For that I am so grateful.

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