A great dad

Justin didn’t really have a dad to look up to during his growing up years (although he had an amazing grandfather). Both his father and his grandfather died when he was quite young, so he has had to make his own way for most of his life. Not one to let his childhood define him or limit him in any way, he is an amazing father to our girls. He is patient and loving and present and involved. He has changed as many diapers, made as many meals, and handled as many bathtimes as I have (maybe even more)! He reads the Bible to our kids, prays over them and with them, and sets an amazing example of faithful service to the local church.

I am thankful that our girls will have not only a heavenly father that adores them, but an earthly father as well. That Justin models the faithfulness, love, and kindness of our Father. I knew he would be good at this – I didn’t know just how incredibly great a father he would be.

I love you Justin Wells! You inspire me – I’ve never seen you use a hard time as an excuse to give up or settle for less than the best. You are a great man, a great husband, and a great father.

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