I was sad a couple of days ago to see that Bono was injured in a rehearsal in Germany.  It appears it was a rather serious back injury, but they believe he will fully recover in time.  He’s been a huge influence in my life and is one of my favorite people on the planet (certainly my favorite artist) and I am praying for his recovery.  I’ve written about him a few times before (here and here), but what I love the most about Bono is the man behind the art.  I believe his work for the poor is unparalleled, at least in “celebrity culture.”  As founder of the ONE Campaign I’m not sure we’ll be able to measure this side of heaven the good he has done in Africa.  He has a gift and a platform, given from God, that he’s giving back to God.

Here’s a line from a song:

I was born, I was born to sing for you
I didn’t have a choice but to lift you up
And sing whatever song you wanted me to
I give you back my voice from the womb

It’s interesting, just this past week I was reading about the new U2 album expected at the end of the year, Songs of Ascent. I already love the title and have always been impressed with the amazing music they put out – some of the greatest worship music ever in my opinion.

Anyway – it may seem silly but I wanted to, on my own little blog, say that we in the Wells home are praying for Bono and his family for a quick and full recovery.

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  1. Jen,
    I couldn’t agree more. Bono has been a true inspiration in my professional life. Even though I am not in the “ministry”, I believe working at a nonprofit for a cause in which I believe in dearly is definitely doing the Lord’s work!

    In the summer of2001 I was in Nairobi on a mission trip during college and was at the Jomo Kenyatta AIDS hospital – just me and a college age girl from Nairobi. It changed my life forever. Even though I had been to Africa before, this visit was what changed me and a lot of my views on our Global Village, church and christianity. Shortly there after was 9/11 and then in Nov. my siblings and I all went to the U2 concert at Reunion Arena – a gift from my parents for my 21st birthday. It was the most amazing worship experience of my life.

    Also those lines from Magnificent – that album was released early in my pregnancy and I would play that song over and over for Mack.


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