Green Sparkly Joy

So this is another completely frivolous blog post – about Idina Menzel! I love her – have for a long time. When the Wicked soundtrack came out, I would (attempt to) sing along with her. Years ago my friend Nancy and I won front row center tickets to see her play Elphaba in Wicked in New York. It was fantastic. We were so close we could see every facial expression, every dance step, and hear every note. And she was absolutely flawless, even when not facing the audience (When you are on front row you can see that! Who knew?).

She won the Tony award for Wicked (Best Leading Actress in a Musical). She married another beautiful and amazing actor, Taye Diggs, and they recently had a baby boy. (Can you imagine how wonderful that child must be?)

And now she is on GLEE! My sister and I had always commented on Lea Michele’s resemblance to Idina. In fact, we had often wondered if, when they make the Wicked movie, Lea would play the younger Elphaba and Idina play the older. Both have SERIOUS chops. Let me just say, if that is how it ends up working out, I play to be the grown adult woman in green from head to toe with my green little babies at the premiere.

I am a little Wicked-obsessed – confessionally. Since Nancy and I saw it in New York I have seen it five or six additional times, and my precious friend Angie just gave me tickets to see it again next Friday night. JOY! I love this musical. I seriously cannot WAIT for the day that I get to take Grace and introduce her to Elphaba. She will love it. In the meantime, Lea Michele and Idina did a beautiful duet last night on GLEE, and we have been watching it over and over. Grace is beginning to sing along – maybe I’ll have a little musical actress in my house after all! I promise, I won’t become (much of) a stage mom.

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