A Blog about Not Blogging

I know I haven’t written a real post about what I’m learning in a while – and there is a reason.  There is something going on – but I can’t really share it with the world at large yet, and everything I am learning is really close to this thing.  But let me tell you – I am learning SO much about myself in this process.  Good, bad, and very deeply ugly.  And I am learning more about my Father in this place as well.  So I covet your prayers and want you to know that as soon as I can, I will process these lessons in writing to see if anyone relates.  Cause I need some relating in my life!

One thing I have realized I am struggling with is a desire for provision.  This one is tough.  I am convicted that when I read Matthew 6:24 about serving God or money, that I might be on the wrong side of this equation sometimes.  And that is insane, especially after the year Justin and I have had and the incredible miraculous way the Lord has provided.  So I’m dealing with that and will write it as soon as I can wrap my mind around it.

In the meantime, some other women have written some things that have really spoken to me the past two weeks, and I’d love to link to those things if you haven’t read them yet.  First of all, two of my dear friends have written powerful posts on the Destiny in Bloom blog.  I love these girls (Kelli Jones and Susan Thomas) – and they LIVE the truths they write about.  And a total stranger (but a soul mate I think) wrote a blog about parenting that totally resonated with Justin and my philosophy in parenting and I’d LOVE to recommend you read this – whether you are a parent or not.  Just a great blog about the Biblical perspective and how very different it is from the world’s perspective (and guess what – it’s kinda about money – which was so appropriate during this week where I have realized some things about my crazy selfish heart).  Anyway – this is a blog about the fact that I can’t yet blog – but also a blog saying I’d love your prayer during this time in our life.  We are heavily leaning on the Lord and will share more when we can.

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