New Adventures

SO many things are going on around here these days…  I thought I’d share!

First of all, I have started a new adventure, one that has freaked me out for YEARS.  I mean literally I have had nightmares about this for over 6 years, and yet, I am facing my fears and taking it on.  Yes that is right, I have gone back to school.  With perseverance, prayer, and patience on the part of my husband, I am going to finally finish my degree.  I was terrible at school the first time around and quite worried about it, but so far I seem to be doing well (only 2 weeks in but ahead in each class).  I am going 100% online to Dallas Community College and my professors are amazing.   Most of the students are like me – older, busy, and (hopefully) wise.  I’ll be rather old when I finish, but I truly want to conquer this beast and begin a new chapter in my life.

Speaking of chapters, I am actually designing my first book!  I am excited about it – I was signed on to do the graphics for a book and keynote presentation for a brilliant new book coming out by a Marketing genius named Nick Mavrick.  My wonderful friends, Jim and Jan Franke, hooked me up, and it is stretching me in a new fun way.  Marketing is such a big part of what I do and Production is what I have done for years, so I kind of fit the project perfectly.  I will hopefully and prayerfully do a great job for them and get to see the Publishing world from another angle – which is amazing.  I just think it is sweet of the Lord to bring something that kind of ties all of my interests together and yet pushes me outside of my comfort zone into a realm of graphics that I have never really done before.   So I am doing fun new layouts in InDesign, watching tutorials, pulling books that are graphically interesting off my shelves and I’ll be pumped to see what comes out at the end of this project!

I just have such a sense of anticipation about 2010.  I can’t explain it, but I know that the Lord is going to do something amazing this year.  He was so faithful even in the difficulty of 2009.  So as you pray, please lift us up.  We just want to be used by the Lord to show people His goodness, to rescue the perishing, and to bring Him joy.


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