Pray for Widline

I got home yesterday and today checked the mail – I received my final letter from my Compassion Child in Haiti, Widline, in the mail while I was gone.  She graduated from the Compassion Program a couple of months ago and I have been thinking of her and praying for her.  Hoping she is alive and that she is not alone.  Wondering if I’d ever hear since she is not officially in the Compassion program anymore.  Here is the letter she sent me.

Dear Jennifer and Justin,

I feel happy to write you this letter and I take advantage of greeting you in Jesus’ name.  I take advantage of thanking you for what you do for me:  to pay my school, to buy books and uniform, special gifts.  Those things let me feel that you represent a close parent for me.  I must let you know that you’ll always stay in my spirit for all the good things that you did for me.  I pray that God always blesses you and always gives you health.  This way you’ll always lift me in your prayers.  Your sponsoring child who will always love even though we will not have the time to talk anymore.  May God bless you.  Widline

Here is the photograph enclosed in the letter.  Please join me in praying for Widline.

Jesus please protect Widline and show her your love.  Please be near to her.   Please comfort her heart and mind. Please provide food and water for her.  If she is hurt or trapped, please send rescue and help.   Jesus she is your child and you love her more than I can imagine.  Please let her know your love.  Please let her know she is not forgotten and she is prayed for.  Surround her with your presence. And if she didn’t make it through the tragedy, I am thankful that I know she is home with you.  Jesus my heart aches for her.  If there is any way I can someday know her fate, please allow me to know that.  I love you Jesus.  I am thankful that Widline is, one way or another, in your loving capable wise hands.

And after you pray with me, please give to Compassion, or select a Compassion child to sponsor. Your life will be forever changed and you can provide help to children around the world.

Haiti Donate Online

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