My sister took some pics of us as the girls opened the AMAZING gifts provided for us by the wonderful people at Keystone Church.  So as promised, here are some pictures so that you, who gave such thoughtful gifts to our bitty girls, can experience a bit of the joy and wonder of our Christmas morning.

I just saw these for the first time and I have big tears in my eyes remembering each item and Grace’s exclamations of joy as she opened one gift after another.  Since then, Grace and Bekah have each slept with gifts that you gave them (Grace a Cinderella doll and Bekah a Musical Seahorse), they have kept warm in the precious winter clothes you gave them, we have together read the wonderful books you’ve given us, and we have played and played and played with the wonderful toys you gave us.  We were able to get some tires for our car (a serious need we’ve had for months) with gift cards, and were able to cover our utilities and monthly bills with money off the money tree.  There are not words to express our gratitude.  Jesus has used you to bless us.  We have felt His love in your love.  Thank you.

As I look at these pictures, I remember sweet moments since Christmas.  Grace calling me in to help because Baby Jesus was stuck in her new kitchen, Bekah crawling in her homemade Tutu like a hilarious little crab, the dozens of times I have heard Away in a Manger sung loudly into the little microphone, my sister and I playing with the Strawberry Shortcake berry house while Grace napped (and the girls playing with it when they woke up), the drawers full of precious clothes that will last us for the next year or more.  Every day all day long we are blessed by the blessings you shared with us.  Although these pictures are precious, they don’t even scratch the surface of your generosity.  God is just so good.  He has been so very good to us.

Since Christmas, I have experienced a bit of a personal “revival” in my heart.   I have just felt the nearness of our God and it has been fun to spend more time aware of His love and His presence.   I am so thankful for that – His nearness is truly our good.  I am thrilled to see what happens in 2010 with Justin’s job and with our call to ministry.  Everyday I am just soaking in this season of life that has already been so valuable for my heart despite the situational difficulty.  He really does restore all and does not waste one thing in our lives.

I said it the first night – this experience has been life changing.  And everyday since has proven that to be true.

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