Blown Away by His Provision

Tonight was one of the most powerful nights Justin and I have ever had in our walk with the Lord.  Justin and I went on a date, and our friends Angie and Kyle kept our bitty girls.  While we were gone, some precious anonymous people from Keystone Church came over and delivered Christmas to our house.  And by Christmas, I mean CHRISTMAS.

Cases of diapers, presents for Justin and me, and an abundance of precious amazing toys and gifts for our sweet girls.  A money tree of cash and gift cards far beyond any amount I’d ever seen. Every detail was thought of.  Clothes for our girls, stockings, Christmas candles.  We walked in and were completely stopped in our tracks.  Some precious amazing people were generous to us in a way that brings tears to my eyes just to write.  I shook for about an hour as I looked through all of the amazing things they have given our family.   And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus lived out in our living room tonight.   Not just our needs, our wants and wishes abundantly given.  I wish I could have each one of you reading this walk through our house right now.  The smell of Christmas.  The glow of candles and Christmas lights.  Overwhelming blessings.  I wish you could all sit here and look at this and feel what I am feeling.  To know the love of a Father demonstrated in the love and giving of His people.  Here’s the truth though, and I’m going to be totally honest.  Although I was surprised, I was not shocked.  This is the character of the friends the Lord has given us during this season.  This is COMPLETELY typical of the amazing overwhelming love they have shown my family.   This is the character of this church.  Keystone’s motto is “Taste and see that the Lord is good” and they do whatever it takes to bring people up to the table so that they can taste and see for themselves.

This all happened in the last 2 hours and so I am still definitely processing, but I will tell you this.  I sat with a friend at lunch today and he talked about his 20-something daughter who is hurting, lonely, and alone.  I heard his story and just kept thinking “we need to get her in church!”   As I listened, I was again struck by how incredibly blessed I have been in my life that the Lord not only drew me to Himself and began a relationship with me, but then gave me a church home during my difficult 20s so that I didn’t have to hurt alone.  I told my friend about some churches in the area and am trying to figure out how to establish a relationship with her so that I can take her to church with me.  And this amazing thing that I have experienced tonight is why.  Not so she can get gifts or be more “religious.”  Not so she can clean up her act so God will accept her.  The reason I believe in the church of Jesus Christ is that, in my experience, Jesus meets me at the point of my weakness and fears and lacking and He provides.  Provides hope, salvation, comfort, provision, peace, meaning, life, joy, blessing, perspective.  That happens in church – and not just “church” the building, but church the people who are following Christ and in whom Christ lives.  In my experience, it is in relationships with Christ-followers that there exists true uplifting community that lasts for years and holds us up during difficult seasons.   In churches like this not only do you encounter a God who saves but you encounter His people who shine His glory in this world.

So, to you mysterious precious little elves, thank you.  There are not words to express what you have done for me and Justin tonight.  We will never ever ever ever ever forget this.  We both talked about it and now we want to do this for someone else soon – this is simply the most incredible thing we’ve ever seen or been a part of.  Thank you.  Thank you for our daughters, who have winter clothes that fit and what looks like some incredibly fun toys waiting for them on Christmas morning.  We will be faithful to tell them about the year that Jesus provided Christmas for them.  We will.  We will use this, and all of the other experiences we have had, to woo them towards the person of Christ and His bride, the church.

I am tired and weepy and processing so I’m going to shut this down for tonight.  But thank you.  You were all Jesus tonight to us and we have tasted and seen the goodness of our precious Provider tonight.  He is good.  He never forgets us.  We love you all so very much.


  1. […] Justin has had the amazing opportunity to serve most weekends at Keystone Church in 2009, and his freelance business has exploded.   So although the Lord’s provision doesn’t look the way we expected it to look, it has been more than sufficient.  His power has been made perfect in our weakness.  The Lord has laid our family, and our situation, on the hearts of many Keystone members, and in an amazing display of love and care, Keystone provided Christmas for our family. […]


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