If you would, allow me to tell you why there is so much wonder in the Wells house.  First, My girls are becoming actual little sisters!  They now play completely independent of Justin or me.  Grace reads books to Bekah, attempts to cuddle with her, makes her giggle, and Rebekah follows Grace around in total awe of her wonderful big sister.  They screech back and forth until my ears feel like they are bleeding. So that is a blast to watch.  Grace is so incredibly social, she has always loved other little kids and talked their ears off.  I once watched her play in a playground and tears rolled down my face as I asked the Lord to bring her a brother or sister to play with.  My heart hurt that she was often lonely in a life surrounded by adults.  The Lord has answered our prayers.  We are so blessed and I am so grateful.  Bekah is pulling up and crawling and trying to talk and Justin and I just sit and watch them enjoy time with each other.  Sisters!  I love that.

Second, I had no idea being a mom during Christmas could be this fun.  Grace is utterly in awe of Christmas.  Last year she understood a little bit – this year she is eating it up.  She says “boo-tiful” about 15 times a day.  When we drive around, she points out every house with lights.  She can’t keep her eyes, or hands, off our Christmas tree.  She sings Away in a Manger all day long and we can’t find the Baby Jesus from the Nativity that she has carried around in a basket for almost a week.  She gets the wonder of Christmas.  It is magical to her.  Justin and I have loved it.  Each night – we do a bit more decorating because we can’t wait for the morning when we can watch her discover what we’ve planned for her.  This is why Justin and I were out in the freezing rain last night at 11 putting red and green lights in our yard.  We’re like kids again introducing Christmas to our sweet girl.  Watching Christmas in her eyes reminds me of the wonder of this season that I so often can forget.  The joy and amazement Mary must have felt to have this supernatural creature no longer hidden in her womb but held in her arms.  The excitement of those who understood that this was their Savior.  The glory of God revealed in a tiny baby boy.  It really is a magical time of year.

Thank you each for visiting my blog and caring about the things in my head and my heart.  I pray that each of you would experience wonder and joy during this magical season.  We appreciate your friendship, your prayers, your love for us and our girls.

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