Collected up by God through His Grace

We read this quote on this blog yesterday from a family that was approved to adopt on Monday.  Justin and I read it and both were just amazed.  THIS is why we want to adopt someday.  So powerful.

We are going to show up as a representative of God for one little girl. She’ll have a family, a sister, a brother, a mother, a father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, blankets, a bed, a toothbrush, books, toys, hugs, kisses, medicine, food, treats, clothes, shoes, socks, a Christmas stocking, a pumpkin for collecting candy, an Easter basket… the list is endless. But at the top, above all else, she will know Christ. She will be taught about and raised in His love. We are all orphans in one way… collected up by God through his Grace. Lot’s of people are in need – not just half way around the world. I wonder who you can show up for today on His behalf???

Isn’t that beautiful?  Love that.  BTW this family still needs some funds for the adoption – if you feel led to give – here’s the link.

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