Justin’s Mission Trip

This past week, so many lessons have been about water or about the drought before the rain.  It was the subject of our Pastor’s sermon last weekend (speaking of Elijah in 1 Kings 18) , it was the subject of a talk I heard last week at a conference (speaking of Moses getting water for the Israelites in Numbers 17 and 20), it was the subject of a message Justin heard today in Nashville that absolutely moved him.  Beginning in January of this year the Lord has been stirring in us a thirst for more.  A sense that we are in a drought and are waiting for rain.  And these stories that we’ve seen are stories of the incredible power of the Lord.  In 1 Kings 18, God shows Himself real in a ball of fire from heaven that burns up a soaking wet sacrifice, and then in rain in a land in a terrible drought.  In Numbers 17 and 20 the Lord provides water for a traveling, doubting nation from a rock.  Both of these stories and the story Justin heard today were about two things – 1. the awe-inspiring power of the Living God, and 2. the faith of the person God used to do mighty things.

My wonderful husband is about to go to Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia on a Mission Trip – right now he is in Nashville at a Music Conference.  He wants so badly to be used by God.  He is willing to do anything – go anywhere.  He just wants to see God’s name lifted high in worship.  And I truly believe that the Lord is both showing Himself powerful in Justin’s life and that the Lord will use Justin’s faith to make Himself known to hurting people.  That is why the trip to the Balkans really excites me.  Because I am so excited to see my husband be an instrument through which the love and saving grace of Christ is made known to hurting lost people.

If you haven’t been on a mission trip – I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  You go to minister to others.  But you always get more out of the trip than you give.  I don’t know how the Lord does that – but it makes sense because He commands us to take care of the orphan and widow, to put others above ourselves.  And when we do – it is amazing what we receive.  Not that the receipt is why we go.  But for Justin and me  – mission trips are our FAVORITE thing because it is like the Lord is near and our faith is vibrant and the people we meet change us forever.  I am thrilled that Justin gets to be a part of that.  I am anxiously waiting to see what God shows him and does in him on this trip.  I wonder if this trip is the “rain” that we’ve been waiting for.   Or if this trip is another part of growing us and preparing us for the “rain” that is coming soon.

Something I learned about the provision of God the past week was pretty powerful.  God provided water in very specific ways – but they were always different.  Once He wanted Moses to strike a rock.  Once He wanted him to speak to a rock.  He provided for Elijah after Elijah confidently declared the rain would come.  Why use different methods each time?   Because the Lord wanted his followers to look to Him for the rain – not look to a method that He had provided before.  God wants us to seek Him.  And when we do – we find Him.  He provides for our needs.  He draws near to us.  He has shown me that this week.  He has strung together these little lessons for me along my busy path – just waiting on me to take time alone with Him to put the pieces together and get the encouragement I’ve needed this week.  So this week I am thinking about the rain – the water that we so desperately need.  And I am praying for it and looking to the Lord to provide it.  And I am also looking to my husband – because I am pretty sure that the Lord is about to do something incredible in his life and through his life.   So if you want to join me in praying for him – that would be incredible.

Towards that end –  here are some excerpts from the letter we sent to our family and his close friends upon his approval to go on the trip.
“I have been asked to go on a Mission Trip to the Balkans with a group of professional musicians where we will do concerts for outreach, physical missions, and partner with local churches to reach people with the Gospel.  As people who I love, I’d love to share with you how you can get involved and help with this mission to this area of the world that has known so much war and suffering for over 100 years.

How? We know you can’t actually “drop everything” and go with us physically. However, you can “go” with us by helping support our team as we reach the lost in a weary,
war torn region plagued with centuries of hate and mistrust.

Why? Only Christ can bring peace and reconciliation to a region that has been at odds for over 13 centuries!  He can remove the “blood-guilt” passed down through the generations!

We ask 2 things:

1. Commit to pray for those who will encounter the Word of God.  We believe that missions begin and end with a work from Christ in the heart of a person.  We covet your prayer support each day of our trip.  I will provide an itinerary and blog updates on my website, www.jtwells.com, as able to give you specific prayer requests as we go.  Following is the tour schedule so you can pray by city and date with us.

July 26-27   Travel
July 28        Rehearsal – Čakoveć
July 29        Rehearsal – Čakoveć
July 30        Rehearsal – Čakoveć
July 31        CONCERT – Glina
August 1        CONCERT – Sisak
August 2        CONCERT – Sisak
August 3        CONCERT – Slavonski Brod
August 4        CONCERT – Nova Gradiška
August 5        Travel to Vitez
August 6        CONCERT – Vitez
August 7        CONCERT – Vitez
August 8        CONCERT – Novi Travnik
August 9        CONCERT – Novi Travnik
August 10    CONCERT – Čapljina
August 11    CONCERT – Mostar
August 12    Travel to Zagreb/Čakoveć
August 13-14    Departure/Travel

2. That you prayerfully consider assisting the outreach with physical provision. There are no set amounts requested. You may give as your heart and ability leads you!  If God is calling us to this endeavor (and we believe He is) it is unthinkable that he would fail to provide the resources.  http://www.proclaiminternational.com/

When? Departure from US is July 26th, returning to the US, August 14th.

Where? Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia

Thank you for your prayerful consideration friend!. May God bless you richly for your Service to Him!”

Thanks for reading – I am still processing all of this and excited to see what is going to happen over the next month.

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