So Pregnant and So Thankful

I am a little under 4 weeks away from when sweet baby Rebekah is scheduled to arrive – and as I sit here and type this – I can feel her little body hiccup. I do love being pregnant – but more than that I love the privilege of being a mom. I am excited to meet the little person who I have seen literally grow from a tiny little thought into a precious baby girl. I know the first few months with a new baby are somewhat mind numbing – I don’t remember much about that time with Grace but I remember that much. But I do love that time. I love the snuggly time where you are getting to know an entirely new person – it is so overwhelming and humbling and terrifying and wonderful. My church is fantastically generous with their maternity leave – so for 3 months I get to be 100% mom and I LOVE every second of it. It is going to be fun (and interesting) to do that this time with my sweet little toddler running around as well.

Oh our sweet Grace. We moved last weekend – and Grace is slowly beginning to adjust to our new home. She is sleeping in a big girl bed – and actually sleeping some (more at nights than during naptime). She can reach all of the light switches in the house – so I have to constantly follow her around the house trying to save us money – she leaves quite a trail. The back yard is wonderful – we are going to get Grace a little playhouse for her birthday next month and I know she is going to LOVE it. She really enjoys the room she has to run in this house – there was such a small amount of space in the old home that was safe for her with the banisters like they were – so it is like a whole new world over here where she can run from room to room freely (we are so blessed). She continues to amaze us with her bright little mind and her independence. She talks in sentences now – I find myself having actual conversations with her. It is surreal and great to know what is in her little mind. She continues to grow in stubbornness and we continue to be challenged to discipline consistently… I think that will be our challenge from this point forward. She is so incredibly healthy – and for someone who was as sick of a baby as she was – it makes me unbelievably grateful to the Lord. He really answered my every prayer with her. Justin is a fantastic daddy – he bathes her and lays down in her “big girl bed” with her (hilarious), and just invests his life in her. He really is amazing. Another blessing straight from the Lord. 

As I look at my life – I have more than I ever dreamed. Great close family, incredible friends, ministry that I believe in, a home that I love. And that is incredible. God has been so very good to me. He is so faithful – even when I am faithless. We continue to have things we pray for – mostly wisdom with ministry situations and balance between work and home, provision and leading as we feel our call is for Justin to be in Fulltime Music, and wisdom as far as timing as we both feel very called to adopt. But as my sweet friend Jennye is always so faithful to say to me and remind me – if the Lord stopped blessing me today – He has blessed me enough. And it really is true. He is good – all the time. And I am thankful. So I look forward to bringing Rebekah home from the hospital into this life that we have been given and I look forward to teaching her and Grace about how VERY blessed we are and introducing them to the source of all the good that is in our life – our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – who loved them, made them, placed them in our home, died on a cross for them, and has an INCREDIBLE plan to give them a hope and a future on earth and in heaven with Him.

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